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Sad Today-- Because we don't always want to "Cheer Up, Dammit"

Side A
Artist Song
Moxy Fruvous  Sad Girl 
Ben Folds Five  Alice Childress 
Barenaked Ladies  Told You So 
Guster  Two Points for Honesty 
The Posies  Every Bitter Drop 
Aimee Mann  Wise Up 
Barenaked Ladies  Call and Answer 
Neuteal Milk Hotel  Two Headed Boy Part II 
The Posies  Precious Moments 
Moxy Fruvous  Fly 
Matchbox 20  Hang 
They Might Be Giants  End of the Tour 
Side B
Bright Eyes  A Perfect Sonnet 
Material Issue  This Letter 
Moxy Fruvous  Misplaced 
Lisa Loeb  Stay 
Vertical Horizon  The Unchosen One 
Counting Crows  Colorblind 
Ben Folds Five  Mess 
Barenaked Ladies  Everything Old is New Again 
Moxy Fruvous  Love Set Fire 
The Posies  At Least for Now 
Elliott Smith  Say Yes 
James Taylor  You've Got a Friend 
Moxy Fruvous  Sad Today 


Additional title: ("if you can't see dreams your eyes are blind"). Now that I look at it, I question some of my choices, but like any depression mix I suppose they're fairly personal... Anyway, Side A is the "third party looking at a depressing situation" one, and Side B is more, "wow, my life sucks." And it gets a little more cheery at the end as a sort of optimistic hint.


Date: 10/31/2000
Michelle rocks!