Girls, Militias, Drinking and Indifference--A Guided By Voices Mix

Artist Song
Guided By Voices  A Salty Salute 
GBV  Hold On Hope 
GBV  Motor Away 
GBV  How's My Drinking? 
GBV  My Thoughts Are A Gas 
GBV  The Official Ironman's Rally Song 
GBV  Choking Tara 
GBV  Smothered In Hugs 
GBV  Ghosts of a Different Dream 
GBV  Striped White Jets 
GBV  Hardcore UFO's 
GBV  My Valuable Hunting Knife 
GBV  Chasing Heather Crazy 
GBV  My Son Cool 
GBV  A Big Fan of the Pigpens 
GBV  Jimmy The Giant 
GBV  Learning To Hunt 
GBV  Perfect This Time 
GBV  Postal Blowfish 
GBV  Paper Girl 
GBV  Strumpet Eye 
GBV  I Am A Scientist 
GBV  Man Called Aerodynamics 
GBV  Big Boring Wedding 
GBV  Wondering Boy Poet (live) 
GBV  Circus World 
GBV  Crutch Came Slinking 


Unfortunately, but perhaps appropriately, Bob Pollard and friends are calling it a day after thier tour this year. I made this mix 2 years ago (so nothing from "Universal Cycles..." or "Earthquake Glue" sorry) to give props to a band that was prominently featured in a favorite radio show of mine (see my mix "OTBT-The Tribute"), that helped form the basis for my taste in music today. Thankfully, I will get to see them one last time this summer. Thanks guys, for help making me feel cool. "The club is open..."


Martin Andersen
Date: 5/2/2004
Nice job. I'd like a copy.