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History of Mos Def

Artist Song
Mos Def Ft. Talib Kweli  Brown Skin Lady 
Mos Def  Got 
Mos Def   Close Edge Freestyle 
Mos Def (ft. Biz Markie & Towa Tei)  B.M.T. 
Mos Def  B-Boy Document '99 (ft. Various Artists) 
Mos Def ft.Diverse  Wylin' Out 
Mos Def  Beef Freestyle 
Mos Def  Mathematics 
Mos Def  Umi Said 
Mos Def  Most Def (Remix) 
Mos Def ft. De La Soul  Stakes is High (Remix) 
Mos Def  Miss Black Booty 
Mos Def  Tinseltown to the Boogiedown (Pete Rock Remix) 
Mos Def  Speed Law 
Mos Def  HIp Hop 
Mos Def  Fear Not of Man 
Mos Def   A Soldiers Dream 


I feel Mos Def is amazing. Black on Both Sides could honestly be the most precious piece of music I have ever heard. Please listen to this music, "Listen to the rap attack and hold the radio close"
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El Gato Boxeador
Date: 5/2/2004
There's a bootleg floating around out there somewhere called "You, Me, Everyone" which is a four disc compilation of almost everything the mighty Mos Def has recorded, including stuff from his first group Urban Thermo Dynamics (UTD). See if you can look it up somewhere. If not, I could trade you a copy (if I can find mine). Nice job, though I would have added Crosstown Beef (w/ Medina Green).
Nic Diamond
Date: 5/2/2004
Mos Def rules! He was the musical guest on "The Chapelle Show", and performed in the passenger seat of a car while Dave drove around NYC. (Just saw that footage last night)