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Pivotal Splices (Strk to End All Strks Trade)

Artist Song
Clint Mansell  2(pi)r --- [pi] 
Portishead  Roads --- [Tank Girl] 
Tan Dun  Night Fight --- [Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon] 
Ultra NatT  Party Girl (Turn Me Loose) --- [Party Girl] 
Prodigy  Voodoo People --- [Hackers] 
Ewan McGregor / Alessandro Safina  Your Song --- [Moulin Rouge] 
Julie Andrews  My Favourite Things --- [The Sound of Music] 
Joe Loss and His Orchestra  The Stripper --- [The Full Monty] 
Danny Elfman  Ice Dance --- [Edward Scissorhands] 
Anita Kelsey  Sway --- [Dark City] 
John Corigliano  Anna's Theme --- [Le Violon Rouge / The Red Violin] 
Marianne Faithfull / Angelo Badalamenti  Who Will Take My Dreams Away ? --- [La fille sur le pont / Girl on the Bridge] 
Fiona Apple  Across the Universe --- [Pleasantville] 
Eccentric Opera  Well Tempered Clavier Fugue in G. Minor --- [Nazca (anime)] 
Nat King Cole  Quizas, Quizas, Quizas --- [In the Mood For Love] 
Clint Mansell  Southern Hospitality --- [Requiem for a Dream] 
Michael Nyman  molly --- [Wonderland (1999)] 
Propellerheads  Spybreak! (short one) --- [The Matrix] 
Rob Dougan  Furious Angels --- [The Matrix Reloaded] 
Don Percival / Vangelis  One More Kiss, Dear --- [Blade Runner] 
Edward Ross / Howard Shore  A Moment for Gandalf --- [The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship] 
Vocal Excerpt  Spilt Milk --- [Life + Debt] 
Mutabaruka  Life and Debt --- [Life + Debt] 
Aimee Mann  Wise Up --- [Magnolia] 


2004/05/10 -- iqaluit, nunavut
One of the things that can make or break a movie for me is the music selection. Soundtracks that impress me include music as more than just background sound or record company shilling - the usage of a well-known pop song in a different context, an orchestral score that devastates or heightens tension almost imperceptibly, a song where the lyrics make a commentary about the events being portrayed on the big screen.

The conceit of this mix is to try to arrange tracks from some pivotal movie scenes and frame another unrelated story, to take whatever meanings the listener has from their previous usage and to have those impressions reinforce or counterpoint the current story being told.

Manuel's plane lands and he faces the immigration officer. Sent to a side office he waits and worries. [01. 2pr] Luckily, the interviewer is in a good mood and approves his visa. Susan has just gone thru a very bad breakup, and sits and home staring like a zombie at television infomercials. [02. Roads]

Manuel gets a job as a pizza delivery man and runs into a variety of clientele. [03. Night Fight] Susan finally gives in to the pleadings of her friend Mary and goes out clubbing to celebrate Mary's birthday. [04. Party Girl (Turn Me Loose)]

Manuel makes a delivery to the club and time stands still when he sees Susan across a crowded dance floor. [05. Voodoo People] Angry at the audacity of this delivery man's attention, Susan walks out of the club, but Manuel catches up to her. [06. Your Song]

When he asks her what he can do to prove his love, Susan recites a list of items for him to bring to her. [07. My Favourite Things] Manuel scavenges to collect the trinkets between deliveries. [08. The Stripper]

Manuel presents the whole collection to Susan, amazing her. [09. Ice Dance] She accepts his invitation for a dinner and dancing date. [10. Sway] Afterwards, they go for a walk along the riverbank, [11. Anna's Theme] before heading to Susan's for the rest of the night. [12. Who Will Take My Dreams Away ?]

Manuel is very pleased with himself and almost enjoys his delivery duties. [13. Across the Universe] Attending a friend's wedding, Susan hints that they should consider marriage. [14. Well Tempered Clavier Fugue G Minor]

Manuel has to decide whether to tell Susan about his checkered past.
[15. Quezas, Quezas, Quezas] When he reveals his secret, Susan demands that he leave and furiously calls the immigration authorities to reveal what Manuel has told her. [16. Southern Hospitality]

Manuel wanders listlessly thru the streets, thinking about his time with Susan. [[17. molly] When a police siren blares beside him, he instinctively takes off. [18. Spybreak! (short one)] Manuel is thrown into prison where he has to fight to stay alive. [19. Furious Angels]

When Susan attends the deportation hearing. Manuel ignores his bruises and the proceedings to stare only at her. [20. One More Kiss, Dear] Susan is surprised by the stab of grief that she feels when Manuel is ordered deported. Manuel reaches out to her, but the bailiff steps in to take him away. [21. A Moment for Gandalf].

Manuel returns to his home country where the economic situation has only worsened in the time he was away. He decides not to cry over spilt milk [22. Vocal Excerpt] and tries to find another way to pay for his debts. [23. Life and Debt]. Susan huddles in bed. [24. Wise Up]
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Date: 5/4/2004
Is that Parker Posey from Party Girl? I just saw it this weekend. Librarians rock!
Date: 5/4/2004
Is track 6 the same band as track 3? It looks nice on paper but I'm not sure how it's gonna flow when you play it at a party.
Date: 5/10/2004
hey Dale. took a quick peak at your mixes - very impressive repertoire. i've updated trax 3 and 6 to take care of the issue you brought up, but will save the remaining updates until my mix exchange group have all received their copies.
and yes amy, your eagle eye is correct. your prize copy is now on the way !
Date: 11/15/2004
Hey, I got your mix today and it's great. Thanks a lot. And thanks for the additional CD.
Date: 2/17/2006
Fascinating! I'm gunna add this one to the original soundtracks exhibit.