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4 AM: Trip Like I Do

Artist Song
God Lives Underwater  Fame (Remix) 
Filter+Crystal Method  Trip Like I Do 
Punjabi MC  NightRider 
Cowboy Bebop  Tank! 
Chemical Brothers  Under The Influence 
U2  Elevation 
V.A.S.T  Free 
Crystal Method  Freaks 
Thievery Corporation  Indra 
DJ Quicksilver  Bitter Sweet Symphony (Remix) 
No Doubt  New 
Citizen King  Under The Influence 
Filter  Jurassitol 
Mint Royale  From Rusholme With Love 


Nothing is better then driving home after a rave. This is a CD that always makes me think of what my life would be like if I was a superhero or action badass. Great music to go to the club to or to listen to on the way home. I also dig the whole Chemical Brothers vs. Citizen King's "Under The Influence" and some can tell that I ripped off some of the major themes from movies like Vanilla Sky, GO, Bebop and the Crow movies. Hey - we all want to be some kind of superhero and my superhero has got to have some mad music to go along with his fictional attitude.


Date: 5/4/2004
This looks outSTANDING. And I can absolutely identify with your comments about it. Well done.