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to take a walk down orchard road

Artist Song
manic street preachers  repeat (uk) 
dead kennedys  california uber alles 
the saints  i'm stranded 
elastica  in the city 
supergrass  richard iii 
angelic upstarts  woman in disguise 
the clash  city of the dead 
dropkick murphys  worker's song 
stiff little fingers  picadilly circus (live) 
the unheard music 
sleater-kinney  light rail coyote 
idlewild  these wooden ideas 
the jam  down in the tube station at midnight 
elvis costello  from a whisper to a scream 
the replacements  alex chilton 
sugarflies  escalator song 
suede  trash 
crowded house  recurring dream 
richard thompson  i feel so good 
belle & sebastian  i could be dreaming 
nick lowe  cruel to be kind 
blur  maggie may 


orchard road is singapore's answer to oxford street in london - the shopping capital of our country. it's full of annoying teenagers, including yours truly, i suppose. =) i love just taking long walks there, because the whole concept of the claustrophic 'big city' kinda hits you at that moment (i actually quite enjoy this!). this is my mix for the next time i do take a walk there - it's full of songs about the city, songs that remind me of the city, or songs that i think it turned out a lot punkier than i expected, so i probably will put out a second volume of slower material (think st. etienne) soon. track 16 is by a singapore group that sounds a little replacements-lite but oh well.


p the swede
Date: 5/4/2004
some really cool tracks here
French Connection
Date: 5/4/2004
God the Angelic Upstarts on a mix, I'd all but forgotten about them and they hail from my home town!
Date: 5/4/2004
this is really awesome.