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Things Go On With Mistakes

Artist Song
Insect Feelings  Zisk 
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  Building Skyscrapers in the Basement 
Low Frequency Pilot  Route en Rouge 
The Microphones  The Glow, Pt. Two 
Three-Mile Pilot  The House Is Loss 
The Mountain Goats  Magpie 
Modest Mouse  Wild Pack of Family Dogs 
Thee Silver Mountain Reveries  There's a River in the Valley Made of Melting Snow 
Calexico  Where Water Flows 
Giant Sand  Shiver 
Do Make Say Think  Horns of a Rabbit 
Built to Spill  Forget Remember When 
Laura Veirs  Ether Sings 
Sufjan Stevens  Tahquamenon Falls 
Grandaddy  Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance 
Iron and Wine  Promise What You Will 
Radar Bros.  Camplight 
Sufjan Stevens  In the Devil's Territory 
The Black Heart Procession/Solbakken  Things Go On With Mistakes 


This one's about two kids who survive a nuclear apocalypse in basement bomb shelters and crawl out later to grow up on their own amid a world in which nature is rapidly overtaking the rubble that came before. And then they finally meet and fall in love. It's sort of Island of the Blue Lagoon meets The Day After, except neither as cheesy as the former nor as immediately bleak as the latter. That said, there are darkening clouds on the horizon at the end, and the mix leaves what is going to happen largely unanswered.

This mix will be packaged in a two-panel custom-built cardstock case.
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gosh, warn radio
Date: 5/4/2004
both the tracklist & the layout look absolutely amazing.
James Jackson
Date: 5/5/2004
Excellent all around.