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.my glance turns to a stare.

Artist Song
evan dando  in the grass all wine colored 
u2  dancing barefoot 
iggy pop  the passenger 
tiger army  cupid's victim 
broken social scene  love & mathematics 
magazine  a song from under the floorboards 
cat power  naked if i want to 
badly drawn boy  file me away 
ed harcourt  i've become misguided 
damien jurado  texas to ohio 
suede  when the rain falls 
the korgis  everybody's got to learn sometime 
death cab for cutie  the sound of settling 
supergrass  seen the light 
the postal service  nothing better 
sophia  oh my love 
sun kil moon  carry me ohio 
super furry animals  sex, war & robots 
the dandy warhols  we used to be friends 
rasputina  sweet water kill (the ocean song) 


one of five mixes i made to pass time while driving (ten hours each way) to & from Coachella ... this was my favorite (call it coincidence - Beck covered the Korgis song during his set), & these songs will always remind me of driving through the arid desert, headed north ... going home to my cool, clean mountain.
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Date: 5/9/2004
cool mix and FNM title :)
Date: 5/9/2004