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this music will break your face vol. 1

Artist Song
neil young  old man 
songs: ohia  two blue lights 
billy bragg  walk away renee 
bruce springsteen  state trooper 
papa m  she said yes 
six organs of admittance  close to the sky 
iron and wine  naked as we came 
mark kozelek  duk koo kim 
shellac   pull the cup 
this heat  cenotaph 
three mile pilot  if you cross 
the party of helicopters  +7 sack of fear 
refused  the shape of punk to come 
dj shadow  six days 
destroyer  students carve hearts out of coal 
the beach boys  pet sounds 
yo la tengo  cherry chapstick 
seam  sweet pea 
johnny cash  i walk the line 


in the past year, i feel like my musical tastes have become pretty streamlined. nowadays i tend to really only get into stuff that falls on either extreme end of the rock'n'roll spectrum: the earsplittingly loud, or the achingly pretty and quiet. i haven't seen my friend and former bandmate andrew in almost a year, and he claims to have not bought any records made after the late 70s in the last year, so i figured i'd make him a three volume mix of all this stuff that had been either breaking my face or breaking my heart lately; this is the first.


James Jackson
Date: 5/14/2004
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