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.faith can keep you warm but i'll teach you how to shake.

Artist Song
ryan adams  gonna make you love me 
brmc  spread your love 
lucero  tears don't matter much 
ben kweller  commerce, tx 
the veils  the tide that left & never came back 
modest mouse  paper thin walls 
the raveonettes  heartbreak stroll 
yeah yeah yeahs  date with the night 
beastie boys  high plains drifter 
the vines  ain't no room 
mates of state  a control group 
red hot chili peppers  if you want me to stay 
the shins  turn a square 
bright eyes  the calendar hung itself 
the new pornographers  the slow descent into alcoholism 
magnetic fields  i think i need a new heart 
the thrills  old friends, new lovers 
leona naess  all the stars 


another mix for our long journey (title from lyrics of ryan adams track)


James Jackson
Date: 5/19/2004
"Another mix for our long journey?" Do you mean an actual journey, or just life in general? (Or both?)...I really like what I see here. Always loved the Chili Peppers version of the Sly Stone song, and also really dig the Raveonettes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs' tunes. Plus, you've got a great title to this mix.
oh messy life
Date: 10/24/2004
i love the magnetic fields song, and the bright eyes song.