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.she was in it for it only.

Artist Song
ani difranco  going once 
bob dylan  tonight i'll be staying here with you 
sarah slean  me & jerome 
patty griffin  regarding mary 
melissa ferrick  freedom 
the beatles  i've just seen a face 
the white stripes  apple blossom 
van morrison  the way young lovers do 
cat stevens  how can i tell you? 
lucinda williams  i envy the wind 
big white undies  not there yet 
crash test dummies  keep a lid on things 
badly drawn boy  silent sigh 
joseph arthur  in the sun 
ellis paul  the world ain't slowing down 
the doors  wishful sinful 
beulah  don't forget to breathe 
world party  love street 
blind melon  st andrew's fall 


& yet another ... (title from lyrics of ani track)


James Jackson
Date: 5/19/2004
Damn!!! This one's even better! That Lucinda Williams track kills me every time. God, has a woman ever sounded better than she does on that song? This mix is excellent.
Date: 5/22/2004
this mix rocks me in many ways.