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Apple Shampoo Vol. 1

Artist Song
The Foo Fighters  Everlong 
Motion City Soundtrack  My Favorite Accident  
Third Eye Blind  Deep Inside Of You  
Taking Back Sunday  You're So Last Summer  
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Scar Tissue  
U2  With Or Without You  
blink-182  Waggy  
Vertical Horizon  Everything You Want  
Something Corporate  Konstantine  
The Ataris  The Boys of Summer  
John Mayer  Comfortable  
Third Eye Blind  1000 Julys  
Michelle Branch  Goodbye To You  
Train  Drops of Jupiter  
Marvin Gaye  Ain't No Mountain High Enough  
Guster  Either Way  
Trapt  Stories  
Coldplay  The Scientist  


The story of me and my friend over the past five years. A personal masterpiece for me, the song selection and the song order were things that i labored over to ensure the proper telling of the story. "Everlong" is a song where the musical qualities, specifically dynamics, highlight the back and forth relationship we had. The rest fall into place. At the time of creation, "The Scientist" seemed to be the most fitting song to end the mix, leaving it open-ended and optimistic. "I'm going back to the start" made me think of the repeditive nature of our relationship, the cycle that we seem to follow, while bringing the whole mix full circle. However, after recent discoveries and occurences, "Goodbye to You" seems to be more appropriate to end it with. "I want you but i'm not giving in this time." i've come to realize that i should really be saying goodbye to him, because i've found someone much better. Michelle Branch gives the mix a definite ending, which is why i didn't have it there on the original. different versions for different times.