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Chain Reaction

Artist Song
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players  Mountain Trip To Japan, 1959 
Blur  Coffee and TV 
The Velvet Teen  The Prize Fighter 
Morrissey  Irish Blood, English Heart 
Metric  Iou 
Guther  Boys Do Not Think 
Architecture in Helsinki  Like A Call 
The Radio Dept.  1995 
Lali Puna  Call 1-800-Fear 
¦-Ziq  The Fear 
The Rogers Sisters  Delayed Reaction 
Felix Da Housecat  Short Skirts 
Ladytron  Seventeen 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  The New Romance 
The White Stripes  fell in love with a girl 
sally  watermelon 
sully  Half of Once 
Ivy  Disappointed 
Radiohead  Creep (original version) 
Broken Social Scene  Anthems for A Seventeen Year-Old Girl 
*MC Chris as Hesh*  The Birthday Song 


Hello again, everyone!!
This mix follows ACADEMIA NUTS!!. The title is based upon a fragment of conversation we shared about hearing something and that reminds you of something else. Also during the conversation, i thought that the Roger Sisters song was called "Chain Reaction." Anyway, I still have to mix a song to complete it so, it's still a "work in progress." "Go Robot!! It's your birthday!!"
Later, AoTMers!!


Date: 5/26/2004
looking thru your mixes, I really enjoy the way you pull together obscurity with the norm, creating a kind of patchwork of hip, raw, new, and old; you are definitely an artist! great job!
p the swede
Date: 5/26/2004
morrissey yes
Date: 5/29/2004
awesome. p.s. - "mr. grieves" is originally a pixies song. just to let you know.