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CD | Mixed Genre

Kaldi's Excitable Goats

Artist Song
Dead Meadow  Dusty Nothing 
B.R.M.C.  Spread Your Love 
The Who  Fortune Teller (Live) 
The Jesus and Mary Chain  Blues From A Gun 
Pixies  No. 13 Baby 
Nirvana  Dive 
Sonic Youth  Eric's Trip 
P.J. Harvey  Big Exit 
Radiohead  Pearly 
Bjork  Army of Me 
Massive Attack  Risingson 
Portishead  Pedestal 
Boards of Canada  Rue the Whirl 
Th' Faith Healers  Sparklingly Chime 
Dandy Warhols  Godless 
Bardo Pond  Despite the Roar 


Hey, 's been a while, but here is a new mix. Made this piece on commission from a co-worker. This mix represents a departure for me in that it deviates from my faithful 10 song, 2 side format and in the material (which is accessible and straightforward relative to my others - chalk that up to the intended audience). As for the content, the first half is good solid rockingness, followed by a tidy trip-hop suite at 10-13, after which Sparklingly gives it a final boost of energy into the double off-into-the-sunset finale. Not much else to say I guess, title refers to the legendary origin of coffee (I work at a coffee shop). There you have it... comments welcome/appreciated.


Date: 5/27/2004
This looks great. Quality liner notes too.
Date: 5/27/2004
tracks 5-12 are some of my top favorites, ever. awesome job.
Date: 5/28/2004
very stylish... good flow,
Date: 5/28/2004