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Permanent Midnight

Artist Song
The Smiths  Asleep 
DJ Shadow  Midnight In A Perfect World 
Broken Social Scene  Stars and Sons 
Ben Folds Five  Narcolepsy 
Sonic Youth  Unmade Bed 
Blonde Redhead  Equus 
Interpol  NYC 
Hooverphonic  Nr 9 
Bjork  Alarm Call 
Sparta  Cut Your Ribbon 
The Bronx  False Alarm 
Erase Errata  Go To Sleep 
Beauty Pill  Here Lies Rachel Wallace 
TV On The Radio  Dreams 
The Dears  End of a Hollywood Bedtime 
Fiona Apple  Never Is A Promise 
Veruca Salt  Somebody (Depeche Mode Cover) 
Mojave 3  You're Beautiful 
The Rocking Horse Winner  Sleep Well 


Hello all!!
So yeah, I really didn't want to make a mix revolving around sleep, but I did want to sort of illustrate some sort of story with a dreamlike atmosphere. I've been working on this mix for about a week off of a thought came to me while I was trying sleep. Originally, this mix would have been slated for a fall venture, but I couldn't wait!!
The title comes from the 1998 Ben Stiller movie, track 4 is one of Lori's favourite songs and it was the main basis of this mix. But, yeah this is like the fourth, or fifth, working of this mix and I quite satisfied with this version. Alright, my rambling is over, I hope that I conveyed something throughout... Thanks! and have at it!!