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Erin McKeown

Artist Song
Laura Veirs  The Cloud Room  
The Postal Service  Be Still My Heart  
Soul Coughing  Disseminated  
Black Star  Yo Yeah  
The Bad Plus  Flim  
Teitur  Sleeping with the Lights On  
Ani DiFranco  Heartbreak Even  
Björk  Triuimph of a Heart  


"I live for my iPod! It changed my life and made me (a professional musician) love music all over again. Like a teenager! There are so many playlists I want to make for you, but I thought for my first one, I would organize it around my latest record. Here are some of the songs that influenced the writing and production of [i]We Will Become Like Birds[/i] as well as some material by people who played or sang on the record."
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