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You may call it the Beach, however remember when you are in Jersey it is the SHORE

Side A
Artist Song
Weezer  Surf Wax America 
Everclear  Summerland 
Broken Social Scene  Pacific Theme 
Ben Folds Five  Where's Summer B? 
The Thrills  Don't Steal Our Sun 
Further Seems Forever  Pictures of Shorelines 
The Connotations  Back from Band Camp, Are You? 
Modest Mouse  Summer 
Don Henley  Boys of Summer 
The Ramones  Rockaway Beach 
Death Cab for Cutie  Coney Island 
The Promise Ring  Jersey Shore 
Sloan  Summer's My Season 
Flaming Lips  It's Summertime 
The New Pornographers  July Jones 
Saves the Day  This is not an Exit 
John Vanderslice  June July 
Built to Spill  The Weather 
M. Ward  Seashell Tale 
American Football  The Summer Ends 
Side B


This is an on going project that I just completed after finding enough songs to put on a CD. Essentially I took any song that said "Summer" or any word remotely related to it and threw them all together on this here CD. It sort of works.
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Date: 6/10/2004
Goin' down the shore this August...When'd they get palm trees down there?
Scott K
Date: 6/11/2004
Cool. I'll be making a "Summer" mix for a girl named Summer's birthday soon. I'll have to keep some of this in mind. I too will be hitting the shore a few times this year :-)
Date: 6/12/2004
This looks very nice.
The Wind Up Bird Key
Date: 6/12/2004
I'm such a sucker for Rockaway Beach. Not to mention the Jersey shore, yous guys have a bitchin' piece of the east coast there, good thing it's only a couple hours from Dee-Lah-Ware. I haven't heard a lot of the stuff on here, so I can't vote fairly, but I sure do like the looks of it.