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The Ultimate Road Trip Mix Volume I: Pretty in Pink

Artist Song
The Broadway cast of "Rent"  "I'll Cover You" 
No Doubt  "It's My Life" (2003) 
Dogs Die in Hot Cars  I Love You 'Cause I Have To 
Less Than Jake  The Science of Selling Yourself Short 
Depeche Mode  Personal Jesus 
David Bowie   Fame 
The Psychadelic Furs  Pretty In Pink 
Coyote Shivers w/ Renee Zellweger  Sugarhigh ("Live" version in Empire Records) 
Something Corporate  If You C Jordan 
Tsunami Bomb  Not Forever 
Descendents  Suburban Home 
BeyoncT  Naughty Girl 
Kelis  Milkshake 
Duncan Sheik  Barely Breathing 
Gary Numan  Cars 
Garbage  Queer 
Damien Rice  Volcano 
Revis  Caught In the Rain 
Edwin McCain  I'll Be 
Blink 182  I Miss You 
Evanescence  My Immortal 


This is the most genre jumping, "It-shouldn't-work-but-it-does" (to me at least), mix I've ever completed. This came about as a result of me scrapping my old RT mix of this same title because, well, it wasn't road suitable actually. This is tested, true and car ready. It seems to me as though the best road mixes come chock full of stuff I'd be embarrased to buy a cd of nor would I get any use out of that cd (erhem... BeyoncT? Kelis? Duncan Sheik? Edwin McCain? Revis? Empire Records? Rent!? EVANESCENCE!?! ) It's full of guilty pleasure, songs that remind me of places or people and songs that are too bad to be really bad they're actually quite good. By the way there's some respectable music there too and don't forget it, that would break my snobbish little heart. ^_^