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What Destination...?

Artist Song
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci  The Man With Salt Hair 
Lemonjelly  Nice Weather for Ducks 
Cloudhead / Boards of Canada  Two Dead Dogs 
Dntel  Little Victories 
Matmos  The Struggle Against Unreality Begins 
Hope of the States  Angels Over Kilburn 
Giardini Di Mir=  The Comforting of a Transparent Life 
Hope of the States  The Last Picture Show 
Giardini Di Mir=  Give Ground / Revolution On Your Pins 
Sigur R=s  Big [live] 
ASMZ  ..Could've Moved Mountains [live] 
Radiohead  Big Ideas (first mix) 
Geoff Farina  Dries 
Gravenhurst  The Diver 


Just a mix I made with songs I've been wanting to compile on a mix for a couple weeks. quite a pleasing flow of sorts.

I divided them up just by sound sort've; I found I cannot deviate from the sectioned off mix style or else it's not a good mix. I (1-5), II (6-11), III (12-14).

Art, as usual, must I say it? ..explodingdog. I just find it amusing going by the title.
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