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Just Like The Four Tops I Can't Help Myself

Artist Song
The Rolling Stones  Wild Horses 
Prefab Sprout  Wild Horses 
Orange Juice  I Can't Help Myself 
Gene  I Can't Help Myself 
Hank Williams  I Saw The Light 
Todd Rundgren  I Saw The Light 
Van Morrison  Sweet Thing 
David Bowie  Sweet Thing 
Scott Walker  Amsterdam 
Coldplay  Amsterdam 
Little Richard  Rip It Up 
Orange Juice  Rip It Up 
Dusty Springfield  The Look Of Love 
ABC  The Look Of Love 
Jimi Hendrix  Hey Joe 
Tahiti 80  Hey Joe 
Elvis Costello  This Town 
A Band Of Bees  This Town 
The Untouchables  Tighten Up 
Archie Bell & The Drells  Tighten Up 
Muddy Waters  Close To You 
The Carpenters  Close To You 


Not covers, but pairs of songs that are completely different except for the fact that they share identical titles. While compliling this mix, I was horrified to see other similarly themed mixes appear on AOTM. Since I had 2/3rds of the mix completed, I decided to finish it rather than throw in the towel. Title comes from Track 3, which inspired this mix.


Feat Fan
Date: 7/4/2004
Nice work/concept!