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Artist Song
ryan adams  wonderwall 
starsailor   good souls 
smashing pumpkins   perfect 
fiona apple  criminal 
chantal kreviazuk  what if it all means something? 
no doubt  underneath it all 
sarah harmer  don't get your back up 
gin blossoms  follow you down 
the trews  you're so sober 
matchbox twenty  downfall 
big wreck   under the lighthouse 
our lady peace   4 am 
u2   with or without you 
barenaked ladies  call and answer 
travis  the humpty dumpty love song 
coldplay  see you soon 
bush  glycerine 
sarah mclachlan  do what you have to do 


just a cd i made for an exboyfriend who is also an amazing friend. we have a really odd, really deep connection that won't ever let us let the other go. the title is because most of the cds that i make for him he hates. so i made him a cd of music he knows and likes instead this time around.


Date: 7/14/2004
Yeah, that's the problem, isn't it? Straddling that line between what works great & what thet'd like to hear. That's why I date people with musical compatibility.

By the way...the new Sarah Harmer is grand.