if we're not getting better at least we're getting by.

Artist Song
earlimart  we're so happy (we left the piano in the truck) 
pedro the lion  i am always the one who calls 
mercury rev  sudden ray of hope 
the lucksmiths  how to tie a tie 
weezer  my velouria  
casio tone for the painfully alone  toby take a bow 
the walkmen  we've been had 
blur  good song 
dear nora  my guitar 
earlimart  we drink on the job 
the dandy warhols  bohemian like you 
!!! (chik chik chik)  feel good hit of the fall 
flaming lips  thank you jack white (for the fiber optic jesus that you gave me) 
the lucksmiths  tee shirt weather 
pinback  concrete seconds 
the swirlies  house of pancake 
belle & sebastian  dylan in the movies 
smog  dress sexy at my funeral (live) 
blue skies for black hearts  blue skies for blue eyes 
dear nora   girl from the north country 
mirah   birthday present. 


for a birthday (a few months back) for a friend with a very healthy record collection. i struggled, but in the end he enjoyed it and, more importantly, didn't know anything from it. which is almost unheard of.


Date: 6/15/2004
great mix, and impressively obscure!
Date: 6/16/2004
oooh. I really like this.