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there's no perestroika in hell

Artist Song
bonzo goes to washington  we begin bombing in 5 minutes 
the minutemen  if reagan played disco 
grandmaster flash and the furious five  the message 
reagan youth  usa 
d.r.i.  reaganomics 
nofx  reagan sucks 
killing joke  eighties 
violent femmes  old mother reagan 
diamanda galas  there are no more tickets to the funeral 
the prima donnas  reagan's dead 
genesis  land of confusion 
fishbone  party at ground zero 
peter gabriel  i don't remember 
public enemy  fight the power 
the ramones  my brain is hanging upside down (bonzo goes to bitburg) 
non phixion  i shot reagan 
passage  reagan's chest 
the simpsons  rappin' ronnie reagan 
timbuk 3  the future's so bright (i gotta wear shades) 
the clash  washington bullets 
manu chao  nicaragua sandinista 
austin lounge lizards  ballad of ronald reagan 


something to jog the collective memory of the real reagan era.


Date: 6/16/2004
DUDE hahaha i was just going to post "i feel like i've seen this somewhere before" and then i looked at the user name and realized it was you! it's elliot from lj/s-o, by the way...
The Misfit
Date: 6/16/2004
Excellent! Another good choice would be Heaven 17's "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang": "Reagan's president elect / Fascist god in motion / Generals tell him what to do / Stop your good time dancing."
Date: 6/16/2004
Great mix.