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CD | Mixed Genre

Happy Father's day, Douglas Coupland

Side A
Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Providence 
Microserfs audio book  "I am Daniel U..." 
Merle Haggard  excerpt from 'Working Man Blues' 
Microserfs audio book  "Work, sleep, work, sleep..." 
Microserfs audio book  "Winqoute...April fools joke - staff coronaries" 
Ben Folds 5  Bad Idea 
Microserfs audio book  "Bill ... me : loser" 
Ben Folds 5  excerpt from live 'Underground' -"sure you don't remember me - (audience) - 'who the fuck are you?!' 
Microserfs audio book  "10,000 straws, $10 and I'll never need to buy straws ever again!" 
Microserfs audio book  "Everyone at Microsoft is 31.2 years old..." 
R.E.M.  Excerpt from 'Bittersweet Me' - (I'd sooner chew my leg off...) 
Microserfs audio book  "Yr a breath away from telemarketing..." 
Smashing Pumpkins  Clones  
Microserfs audio book  "Meeting Karla..." 
Smashing Pumpkins  excerpt from 'Lily' (cos I'm hanging from this tree, in the hope that she might catch a glimpse of me) 
Microserfs audio book  "Karla comes to office..." 
Smashing Pumpkins  excerpt from 'Lily' (my one and only...) 
Microserfs audio book  "I-want-to-go-back-to-the-safe-and-controllable-world-of-my-PC." 
Idlewild  Safe & Sound 
Microserfs audio book  Karla questions of identity 
Smashing Pumpkins  Last 40 seconds of 'God' 
Microserfs audio book  Win qoute down 80c. Bill lost $70m while i only lost fuck-all." 
Microserfs audio book  "Karla held my hand" 
Jimmy Eat World  In the same room 
Microserfs audio book  "Things you thought would never end are the first to go..." 
The Smiths  Please, Please, Please, let me get what I want 
Microserfs audio book  "Karla's lived here 3 weeks..." 
My Bloody Valentine  Sometimes 
Microserfs audio book  "One mellow day, June 6th 1974 - peace..hippies.." 
Nirvana  excerpt from The end - (Krist Novaselic gonzo monologue about waffles and jukeboxes.) 
Side B
Microserfs audio book  "Karla is on a warpath as I forgot our 1 month anniversary..." 
Eels  My beloved monster 
Microserfs audio book  "Nice to see this romantic side of Karla...but no-one likes sleeping on the couch..." 
R.E.M.  Day sleeper 
Microserfs audio book  "Let me talk about love..." 
Kevin Shields  City Girl 
Microserfs audio book  (paraphrased) -what makes us want to work? 
Microserfs audio book  "Karla's great, said Todd.." 
Toomib  Squarepusher 
Nirvana  excerpt from 'Drain You' (live) 


Ran out of space, all the songs and samples are on the first side of this cassette. (i.e. - side 2 song 1 = side 1 song 31) --------
Title: this will be a present for father's day this sunday. I think it's more for me though. I've been wanting to do something like this for ages, like, songs that make me feel like how I feel whilst reading Coupland, but this is how it came out. Sorry the paraphrased sections of the audiobook parts aren't clear but..mneh. The narrative is mainly based around Karla & Dan. I listened to the full 3 hours of tape trying to find bits I like. It was pretty tiring, and finding songs/parts of songs to reflect the mood didn't work very well so I think towards the end, the samples and songs become less correlated, slightly. I'd like to trade with other Coupland lovers.
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Date: 6/17/2004
that's a superb idea.
Instru Mental
Date: 6/17/2004
Douglas Coupland is a mediocre, overrated writer.
james porter
Date: 6/17/2004
IMO Douglas Coupland is an interesting, smart and under-rated writer.
Jay B
Date: 6/17/2004
Bah, cannae win 'em all.
Date: 6/19/2004
Might be interesting to apply this mix idea to Coupland's "Girlfriend In a Coma". Very original concept, and very well done. Cheers! -Famous.
Date: 8/25/2004
love the theme, the tracks, the audio book clips. nice.