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CD | Mixed Genre

Polaroids from Douglas Coupland (Side 2 of first cassette)

Side A
Artist Song
Microserfs audio book  Lego.. "If I built a house, it had to be all in the same colour..." 
Microserfs audio book  1/2lb hamburger meat..grey fuzz.. - "Yr brain, the last half year at Microsoft." 
Microserfs audio book  "Susan's mom told her she was smart..couldn't fake stupidity..." 
Microserfs audio book  "3am, go for walk, spirit felt closer to the ground." 
Sigur Ros  third track from untitled (2002) 
Microserfs audio book  Susan's post-feminist critique of Toys' R' us, Barbie aisle. 
Sonic Youth  excerpt from 'Kool thing' (I mean..are you gonn liberate us girls, from white, male , corporate oppression?.etc..) 
Microserfs audio book  "I (Karla) played with barbies' till ninth grade." 
Microserfs audio book  (electronic) "Memory outside exceeds our collective biological memory: "We've peripheralised our essence." 
Microserfs audio book  "Japanese subtitled movies are the crack cocaine equivalent of entertainment." 
Microserfs audio book  anxiety over Karla. "I must become the bionic man..." 
Microserfs audio book  "Three of us visited the Gap independent of each other. Looking for hidden treasure..." 
Microserfs audio book  "Alzheimers conversation - A, how ya doin? BI'm ok. A How you doin? B I'm ok. - similar to AOL chat rooms." 
Polaroids from the dead audio book  Lionsgate bridge, Vancouver, Canada. 
Polaroids from the dead audio book  Kurt Cobain eulogy 
Polaroids from the dead audio book  Postcards from the Bahamas story 1 
Polaroids from the dead audio book  Postcards from the Bahamas, story 2 
Polaroids from the dead audio book  Politics story, Chester, cancer, get off yr ass and do something.... 
The Smiths  That joke isn't funny anymore 
Smashing Pumpkins  Sinfony 
Smashing Pumpkins  lengthy excerpt from earphoria Silverfuck. starts from "Somewhere..over the rainbow..." inc. GONZO feedback. Ends when tape runs out (about 1:30-2 minutes-ish.) 
Side B


Just the second half of the first mix I posted today. Still interested in trading. Anyone going to the September 10th theatre show in October in the U.K?
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Date: 6/17/2004
very cool!

love the mixes, good splicing in..

i saw coupland last september for "Hey Nostrodamous" in Calgary (canada) he's well worth listening too

althou as one of my favorite authors i may be a little bit biased

(love the sonic youth!)
james porter
Date: 6/17/2004
intriguing tape. I'd love to trade for a copy as i am essentially a Coupland obsessive...Postcard from the Bahamas is amazing, and with pleasing synchronicity i bought tickets for the September 10th today...
Date: 6/17/2004
I have no idea what is going on here. I'm totally intrigued.
Jay B
Date: 6/17/2004
Gobi - The tape is made up of recorded prose from the Douglas Coupland novel, 'Microserfs'. Didn't entirely work in my opinion!

James - What day are you going to see September 10th?, there are only 3 dates as I understand. 'The Other Place' Theatre is impossible to find, I drove to Stratford with my girlfriend and we're not sure we found it or not.(!)
I really like the Lionsgate bridge part. His affection for the bridge is charming and touching. I have what I think of as a similar kind of feeling towards some power stations near my house. Postcards is wonderful too, of living your life in one day. His stuff makes me feel so sad yet fulfilled at the same time. His voice is great too. *gush gush..* It's low and lax whereas I thought it would be sort of high and loud. Anyhow, I'm a Coupland nut. Unhealthily so.
Date: 10/2/2006
i don't know what i'd trade, but i am so interested in hearing this.