like a lesson in how to fuck over everbody through dishonesty, indecision, and poor planning

Artist Song
jr ewing  everyone else 
motorhead  ace of spades 
burzum  seven harmonies of the unknown truth 
nave!  you don't want it to be just me 
fantomas  henry portrait of a serial killer 
john s. hall and kramer  my personal life 
new order  chosen time 
rolling stones  ruby tuesday 
mission of burma  progress 
the centurions  intoxica 
quintron  meet me at the clubhouse 
fannypack  cameltoe 
the byrds  pretty polly 
daniel johnston  i did acid with caroline 
charles manson  marilyn monroe was my childhood shame 
beatles  revolution 9 


music for insanity, depression, parties, and murder.
it sounds good, really. cute dirty picture too, hm?
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