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Essential Nirvana

Artist Song
Nirvana  Serve the Servants (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Sliver (Incesticide) 
Nirvana  Rape Me (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Stay Away (Nevermind) 
Nirvana  Love Buzz (Bleach) 
Nirvana  Very Ape (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Aneurysm (Incesticide) 
Nirvana  Lithium (Nevermind) 
Nirvana  School (Bleach) 
Nirvana  Lake of Fire (Unplugged in New York) 
Nirvana  Frances Farmer will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Tourette's (From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah) 
Nirvana  Heart Shaped Box (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Molly's Lips (Incesticide) 
Nirvana  Milk It (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Territorial Pissings (Nevermind) 
Nirvana  Dumb (In Utero) 
Nirvana  Dive (Incesticide) 
Nirvana  Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Unplugged in New York) 
Nirvana  Drain You (From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah) 
Nirvana  Swap Meet (Bleach) 
Nirvana  Pennyroyal Tea (Nirvana) 
Nirvana  Smells Like Teen Spirit (From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah) 
Nirvana  All Apologies (Unplugged in New York) 


Of course, this is only what 80 minutes would allow


Date: 6/25/2004
Ahh, yes, I like the fact that you used the singles for your mix, even though not many would. But one of my all time favorite Nirvana songs is absent... Verse Chorus Verse from the No Alternative CD, it's unlisted on the back, but it's oh so tasty! Give 'er a listen and I think you'll agree! Great mix!!