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CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

you've got pollen on your nose.

Artist Song
sufjan stevens  a sun came 
the sunshine fix  everything is waking 
quasi  sunshine sounds 
mirah  pollen 
sparklehorse  junebug 
mercury rev  chasing a bee 
joanna newsom  peach, plum, pear 
sam prekop  a cloud to the back 
the rolling stones  get off my cloud 
the polyphonic spree  fireworks 
the beatles  across the universe 
shimmer kids under pop association  spaceman i am 
thebrotheregg  negative space 
built to spill  center of the universe 
the church  under the milky way 
the shins  sphagnum esplanade 
elf power  o what a beautiful dream 
belle and sebastian  get me away from here, i'm dying 
the microphones  i want wind to blow 


this mix tells the story of a very busy bee, who awoke one morning to find the world changed; fear and hatred had been replaced with happiness and love. the sun shined brighter than ever before and flowers sprouted all around for him.
we shot fireworks to celebrate our newfound peace. a little boy tried to catch the bee, but he barely escaped, to sleep on a cloud.
he later travelled to the farthest reaches of space, to find himself the center of the universe. in the eastern hemisphere, young lovers stared into the sky, secretly wishing to be that bee.
and with the blink of his eyes, he awoke again, to find himself deteriorating at the bottom of a jar in a dark room. it was all a dream.


Date: 6/27/2004
aces. this is GREAT.