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I Believe This is the First Mix CD I Have Given You, No?

Artist Song
The Hidden Cameras  Ban Marriage 
The Twilight  Apple Pie Suburbia 
Black Spartacus  The Big Swim 
Holiday  She Never 
Citizens Here and Abroad  Appearances 
Emily Powers  Island Trip 
Soltero  The Lightbulb Above You 
Pants Yell!  '83 in '03 
The Unicorns  Emasculate the Masculine 
The Diskettes  How Bizarre 
The Pizazz  Crafty Maneuvers 
Plastic Mastery  The Bomb Song 
Alexander McGregor  White Caribou 
The Russian Futurists  Let's Get Ready to Crumble 
Cass McCombs  What Isn't Nature 
The Hidden Cameras  Fear of Zine Failure 
Ryan Doyle  Autopilot 
Track Star  Bad Time 
Pants Yell!  New Song (Live on WERS) 
The National Splits  The Revival of an Evening 
Elliott the Letter Ostrich  Mathematically Yours 
The Autumn Rhythm  Still There 
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone  Bus Song 


Made for Stephen C, June 2004.


Date: 6/28/2004
Lots of really great stuff here! Going to admit that I don't know Elliott the Letter Ostrich, but man I'm inrigued.
Date: 6/30/2004
Wow I know very little of this...would you be willing to trade a copy?
orange lazarus
Date: 10/3/2004
More mixes need Elliott the Letter Ostrich. Everyone needs more Elliott the Letter Ostrich.