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Crying to a Full-Blast Stereo

Artist Song
The Cure  Lost 
Interpol  The New 
Butthole Surfers  Whatever (I Had a Dream) 
Nine Inch Nails  The Perfect Drug 
Radiohead  Bulletproof (I Wish I Was...) 
Joy Division  Twenty-four Hours 
Pearl Jam  Rearview Mirror 
Jeff Buckley  Jewel Box 
Elliott Smith  Angeles 
Tori Amos  I'm Not in Love 
Bjork  Pagan Poetry 
Jeff Buckley  Lilac Wine 
Gitane Demone & Rozz Williams  Flowers 
Sade  King of Sorrow 
Metallica  Nothing Else Matters 
Jeff Buckley  Hallelujah 


started as another "Jeff Buckley Mix for Someone Who Hasn't Heard Him" (apparently these people exist). But in reading liner notes on Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk, I decided to turn it into an album with the songs that fit what Jeff wrote:
"I don't write my music for Sony. I write it for the people who are screaming down the road crying to a full-blast stereo."

June 2004.


Date: 6/30/2004
Two of my favorite Jeff Buckley songs.
Date: 7/1/2004
I think this stuff totally fits that quote. I like most of these songs. Very cool concept. Well done.