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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

19 Years & No Good News: Part 1

Artist Song
Jimmy Eat World  Hear You Me 
Third Eye Blind  Motorcycle Driveby 
Robbie Williams  Feel 
Contingency Plan  One Day I'll Stop Breathing 
Splender  The Loneliest Person I Know 
Audioslave  Like A Stone 
Boxcar Racer  There Is 
Foo Fighters  Walking After You 
Linkin Park  My December 
The Wallflowers  I Wish I Felt Nothing 
Better Than Ezra  Under You 
Nine Days  If I Am (Acoustic) 
The Corrs  Everybody Hurts (REM Cover) 
Semisonic  Gone To The Movies 
Taxiride  Counting Down The Days 
Coldplay  Trouble 
Oasis  Stop Crying Your Heart Out 
Travis  Why Does It Always Rain On Me? 


One of a six-part series I made a while back, this was the one that started the series, obviously. I enjoyed this one so much that I kept on, as more depressing songs came to me. But on the whole, this one can't be beat, perfect flow.


Date: 7/2/2004
Wow....I REALLY LIKE THIS! Kudos to you for finding the acoustic of "If I Am"...I just put that on a mix of mine.