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in search of the perfect beat.

Side A
Artist Song
nancy sinatra  kinky love 
quintron  slumber party 
the slits  so tough 
the crystals  he hit me (and it felt like a kiss) 
the modettes  paint it black 
the blankket  heyya 
mile marker  sex jame one sexual machinery 
franz ferdinand  darts of pleasure 
ian dury  hit me with your rhythm stick 
the pixies  tame 
blonde redhead  taking out my eurotrash 
les georges leningrad  la chienne 
billy hawks  whip it on me 
otis redding  try a little tenderness 
the yeah yeah yeahs  maps 
Side B
the modern lovers  a plea for tenderness 
the moldy peaches  anyone but you 
joy division  unknown pleasures 
peaches  the inch 
the unicorns  childstar 
the ssion  love song 
the magnetic fields  if you don't cry 
yo la tengo   we're on our way... 
the makeup  lil black book 
the barcelona pavillion  the manganese 
the smiths  sing me to sleep 


this tape was made feb. 4th, 2004. the title is from an afrika bambataa song. i thought it would be funny to make a tape that misinterprets all the content to have a sado-maschoist tinge in songs that do not necessarily have that connotation on their own. it starts off with lots of implied violent sex then moves into being sweet and tender, then confused, then considering calling other people and then falling asleep.
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