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Like I care...it's only a muddy field.

Artist Song
Oasis  Bring It On Down 
22-20's  Devil In Me 
Snow Patrol  Run 
Franz Ferdinand  Darts Of Pleasure 
Razorlight  Stumble And Fall 
Morrissey  First Of The Gang To Die 
Belle & Sebastian  Like Dylan In The Movies 
The Ordinary Boys  Talk Talk Talk 
The Beatles  Golden Slumbers 
The Libertines  Skag And Bone Man 
The Rapture  Killing 
Bright Eyes  Method Acting 
The Killers  Midnight Show 
The Raveonettes  Attack Of The Ghost 
Kings Of Leon  Joe's Head 
Damien Rice  The Professor and La Fille Danse 
Zero 7  Somersault 


a mix,made last weekend, to remind me that i missed out on a fantastic line-up at the Glastonbury Festival.....again. One of these days I'll get a ticket. Or i could just make these mixes every year, and spend a June weekend crying into my beer :(
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Date: 7/1/2004
I really like the title of this mix - you sometimes slip into cliche, but bring it back from the brink (mostly) - not a bad effort - great title....
jed the humanoid
Date: 7/2/2004
hey, at least you're in the country and have some slight chance of going. meanwhile i sit on the other side of the globe and try not to buy english magazines. by the way, i've never heard of a band called 'the ordinary boys' but i think it's cute. what do you think of new morrissey?
Date: 7/4/2004
i liked it. I don't think it was as good as Vauxhall & I or some of The Smiths best, but was definately good! The Ordinary Boys are one of NME's new darlings, they're pretty cool, like a punky Smiths...sort of.