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Artist Song
Massive Attack  Black Milk 
Nine Inch Nails  Piggy 
Meat Beat Manifesto  Nuclear Bomb 
Skinny Puppy  Hardset Head 
This Mortal Coil  Holocaust 
Orbital  Sad But True 
Download  Base Metal 
Portishead  Wandering Star 
Einsturzende Neubauten  The Interimlovers (English version) 
Jane's Addiction  Of Course 
Depeche Mode  Only When I Lose Myself 
Cyber-Tec  Epitaph 


A very long time ago I made this mix. I was aiming for a sort of dark, goth-y feel to it, but not too heavy (as that would have been really restrictive). Although influenced by depression, is not quite as bleak as one might think. This CD was made before I really got into making better mixes, and as such it's simply a track-by-track compilation with no transitions or crossover.