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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

for a birthday present

Artist Song
the robot ate me  the genocide ball 
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower  for marcus 
the birthday party  release the bats 
why?  cold lunch 
the unicorns  jellybones 
the arcade fire  i'm sleeping in a submarine 
kaito  anamoy. 
canoe  digicat 
gang of four  at home he's a tourist 
fozlur  riot gun 
q and not u  everybody ruins 
add n to (x)  buckminster fuller 
s prcss  spring garden drive-by 
the prima donnas  love you, schizo sickie 
cex  wall street kid 
why?  bad entropy 
+/-  no one sees you like i do 
xbxrx  chow-mein alpha 
detachment kit  ted the electric 
dj dangermouse/jay-z  encore 
of montreal  rapture rapes the muses 
cornelius  new music machine 
m83  run into flowers 
the arcade fire  headlights look like diamonds 
the unicorns  les os 


this was a last minute birthday gift for a coworker. she's a purist for older music, thought i'd show her some (for the most part) fairly new stuff. she, of course, hated it and in turn made me a tape of "real music". it's not very good.


Date: 7/7/2004
Keeping Arcade Fire adjacent with the Unicorns leads me to believe you caught them on show EVER.