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I Love You All, But Hate Your Thoughts

Side A
Artist Song
Seether  Broken 
Third Eye Blind  Can't Get Away 
Staind  Me 
Korn  I Did My Time 
Finger Eleven  Sick Of It All 
Metallica  Invisible Kid 
Linkin Park  Numb 
Stonesour  Inhale 
Sevendust  Leech 
Side B
Marilyn Manson  Beautiful People 
Fear Of Faith V2.0  You Wouldn't Want Me Away 
Soulfly  Soulfy IV 
Tool  Hush 
Ryan Adams  Come Pick Me Up 
Matchbox20  Unwell 
Everclear  Sick and Tierd 
Johnette Napolietano  Suicide Note 


I went through months and months of feeling so depressed and suicidal and the person closest to me, couldn't understand it at all in the end he asked me to make him a tape with songs of how i felt, he put the restriction that i wasn't allowed to use my own cd collection so that explains why it's so short. I think its the best one ive done it works better than the rest and i didnt have to think about pleasing other peoples tastes it was just all about how i felt. Most of the songs were chosen for lyrical value but the songs are good too.


Date: 7/10/2004
Hey, Just wandering about and thought I'd look through your mixes. Tried to add this to my favourites but it didnt work, I think this is your best because it was honest on the subject. Thanks for reminding me, I'm off to listen to it ;)