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Gone Away

Side A
Artist Song
Avril Lavigne  Don't Tell Me 
Dashboard Confessional  Rapid Hope Lost 
Lostprophets  Last Train Home 
Funeral For a Friend  Juneau 
The Wildhearts  One Love, One Life, One Girl 
The Wildhearts  Love u 'til I don't 
H.I.M  Right Here In My Arms 
The Offspring  Want You Bad 
Blink 182  The Rock Show 
A.F.I  Morningstar 
Dashboard Confessional  As Lovers Go 
Armor For Sleep  All Warm 
The Ramones  I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 
Side B


I made this mix with an ex in mind, yes dangerous I know! But here is what came of it...


The Miles Away Girl
Date: 7/7/2004
Theres one or two I wouldn't normally go for in here, for example; Avril. I just thought this track mirrored situations in my life. This is one of my first mix tapes and I really want to improve, so if anyone has any tips... I could really use them :) Thanks
Date: 7/11/2004
thanx for your comments on my mix. my suggestions...try not to put the same artists back to back (the wildhearts)...or twice (Dashboard). however, those are just nit-picky things that most people complain about. also, maybe try some different artists on side two. maybe more hardcore on side two...and get rid of Blink 182??? (nah, that's just me bein' picky...)..anyway, i love to make mixes and if you would like to trade this mix for the one you commented on of mine, i'm up for it.--*ash*