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N O - D I S C O (Dancileptic!)

Artist Song
Material 1980  Reduction 
Yaz 1982  Don't Go 
The Rapture 2003  Sister Savior 
Playgroup 2002  Number One 
LCD Soundsystem 2003  Yeah (crass version) 
i-f 2001  Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass 
Wham! 1984  Everything She Wants (remix) 
Section 25 1985  Looking From A Hilltop 
Liquid Liquid 1981  Optimo 
A Certain Ratio 1979  Shack Up 
Gang Of Four 1981  To Hell With Poverty 
Gramme 1999  Close Your Eyes 
ESG 1981  Moody 
Blondie 1979  Atomic 
Radio 4 2002  Struggle 
Le Tigre 2002  Deceptacon (DFA Remix) 
New Order 1985  The Perfect Pit 


I wanted to make an overview of 1980's disco genres (Disco-Punk/Disco-Funk/No-Wave/Dancileptic*) along the lines of Trevor Jackson, Martin Hannett and The blessed DFA. Section 25 fits well also, produced by Bernard Sumner, not far removed from Martin Hannett really.

I may have miscalculated my placement of Yaz so early on, after Material. It's a bit of an ubrupt upheval, I wish I had sunk that song elsewhere (maybe after Wham!) but I more than made up for it with the SUPER EXCELLENT pairing of LCD Soundsystem followed by i-f. Those two songs were destined to meet on a mix somewhere.

*I'm pretty sure I've just created the term "Dancileptic". Then again, a few years ago I thought I had coined Disco-Punk.


p the swede
Date: 7/7/2004
a lot of classics here, love 10 -> out