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Soundtrack To My Life (or lack of it)

Artist Song
Yann Tiersen  Comptine d'un autre TtT : l'apres-midi 
Yann Tiersen  La valse des vieux os 
L. van Beethoven  Sonata Op. 49, No. 2, second movement 
Toy Dolls  James Bond Lives Down Our Street 
Um... Shakespeare?  Now Until The Break Of Day 
Yoko Kanno, and whoever sings it  Gravity 
Joydrop  Beautiful Like Me 
Garbage  Only Happy When It Rains 
Utada Hikaru  In My Room 
Nelly Furtado  Party 
Linkin Park  Forgotten 
Yann Tiersen  Sur Le Fil 
um... Baz Luhrman?  Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) 
Utada Hikaru  Letters 
Evanescence  Give Unto Me 
Evanescence  Where Will You Go 
Evanescence  Imaginary 
The Pillows  I Think I Can 
The Pillows  Ride On Shooting Star 
The Pillows  Girls Don't Cry 


A.K.A., the songs that are always stuck in my head.
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