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CD | Blues - Classic Blues
CD | Blues - Classic Blues

The Treebelt Syndicate OST

Artist Song
Melvyn Price  Voodoo Love Dance (T's Edit) 
Jean-Pierre Mirouze  Sexopolis 
Remigio Ducros  Sgambata 
Funkproof  Funktime (T's Edit) 
DJ Dusty Bottom  Bonus Sound 
The Soul Tornados  Crazy Legs (T's Crazy Drums Edit) 
Brother Williams  Cold Sweat 
The Brothers  Under The Skin (T's Edit) 
Luciano Simoncini  Alameda 
Fear Machine  Strings Of Fear (T's Edit) 
Bobbi Humphrey  Harlem River Drive 
Pointer Sisters  Don't It Drive You Crazy (T's Edit) 
The Memphians  Breakdown 
In One Peace  In One Peace (T's Instrumental Edit) 
X-Records  Unknown Bonus Break 
Piero Piccioni  Traffic Boom (Full Logjammin Version) 
Georges Garvarentz  Haschisch Party 
The Paris Studio Group  Punching Ball (T's Just Bongo Mix) 
Kicking Mustangs  Kicking Ass 
Lalo Schifrin  Theme From Medical Center (TV) 
Wah Wah Watson  Goo Goo Wah Wah (T's Edit) 
The Brothers  Brothers Theme (T's Edit) 
Gus Giordano  Do Whatever Sets You Free 
Elliot Fisher  For Love Of Money 
DJ Dusty Bottom  Bonus Sound 2 (T's Edit) 
Resonnance  OK Chicago (T's Against Physics Version) 
Tommy Stewart  Bump & Hustle Music (T's Dub Edit) 
Billy Cobham  Stratus (T's Short Edit) 
Luis Enriquez Bacalov  Carrefour 
Leroy And The Drivers  The Sad Chicken 


31 DJ Dusty Bottom - Bonus Sound 3 (T's Edit), 32 James Taylor Quartet - One Way Street (T's Edit), 33 Sam Most - Jungle Fever, 34 The Fabulous Counts - Jan Jan, 35 Fessor Funk & The Queens 8th Street Funk Band - Walk Of Life |||||||||||||| after the big success of "treehorn trouble", "treehorn on the run", "booze connection" and "partners in krime" the next big thing! another blaxploitation soundtrack starring myself!
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Date: 7/10/2004
This looks exceptional...great cover...and a great looking mix.
Date: 7/10/2004
The cover alone deems this for mix of the week. Awesome!
Date: 7/11/2004