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CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Mixed Genre


Artist Song
Looper  Impossible Things #2 
Postal Service  Nothing Better 
Clinic  Distortions 
Adem  Everything You Need 
Yo La Tengo  Season of the Shark 
Sebadoh  Colourblind 
Death Cab For Cutie  The Sound of Settling 
Delgados  All You Need is Hate 
Hope of the States  Enemies/Friends 
Elliott Smith  Say Yes 
Low  La La La Song 
The For Carnation  Imyr, Marshmallow 
Brave Captain  The Monk Jumps Over the Wall 
Sodastream  Able Hands 
Zephyrs  Stargazer 
Jo Mango  Joy 
James Orr Complex  Slip into Slumber 
James Yorkston & The Athletes  St Patrick 
Papa M  Glad You're Here With Me 
Evan Dando  Hard Drive 
Coldplay  See You Soon 


cd for one of my friends, just some lovely songs for her.
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avant gardening
Date: 7/13/2004
you've got some nice stuff on here, i love that clinic song, one of my favorites, and it's always nice to see low on a mix.