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The Movement Of A Hand (Karma)

Artist Song
Ben Harper  The Three of Us 
Tom Petty  You Don't Know How It Feels 
Nirvana  Marigold 
Brand New  Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't 
Janis Joplin  Get It While You Can 
The Doors  The Spy 
The White Stripes  In The Cold, Cold Night 
Dave Matthews Band  Crush 
Fiona Apple  The First Taste 
Led Zeppelin  D'yer Mak'er 
Harry Connick, Jr.  A Wink and a Smile 
Otis Redding  Cigarettes and Coffee 
Radiohead  Exit Music (For A Film) 
Chopin  Nocturne in E Flat Major (July 12th, 2004, 12:25 am) 
Elliott Smith  Easy Way Out 
Guster  Two Points For Honesty 
Bright Eyes  The Movement Of A Hand 
Our Lady Peace  Car Crash 
The Beatles  Her Majesty 


So the mix didn't end as I had planned it, but then again, that seems fitting. I guess that what I get for trusting someone who's exactly like me.
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lipstick vogue
Date: 7/13/2004
I like the mix, but the cover is rather creepy