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sweetheart, sleep like a dream tonight

Side A
Artist Song
bob dylan  last thoughts on woody guthrie 
nick drake  things behind the sun 
liz phair  glory 
beck  forcefield 
sufjan stevens  transmission 
the 6ths  you you you you you 
belle & sebastian  the rollercoaster ride 
Side B
clem snide  i'll be your mirror 
wilco   someone else's song 
yo la tengo   today is the day (album version) 
the verve   
roxy music  avalon 
lambchop   i hate candy 
belle & sebastian  a space boy dream 


originally for an old friend because i was silly & thought she needed me. of course i am just
the looking glass so i added new songs, fantastic excerpts from this american life & gave it to the
only bosom buddy i'll ever have. the one who gives me kisses when i need kisses, drugs when i need
drugs, & tapes full of pop songs when i need to be jane birken for an evening. unfortunately, i hear mack culkin is taken so i'll have to live with miller, brooklyn's nicest guy since the cliff huxtable.
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Date: 7/21/2004
outstanding. short but good. what's the verve track?
Date: 7/24/2004
Can I borrow you? I swear I'll bring you back. You can live in my room and make me mixes. I'll believe, for a short time anyway, that I have a better life.P.S When's this whole "I'm taking over the world" thing taking place, I've gotta find me a babysitter.