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findings II

Artist Song
Diwan Diwan  Nage 
Myrakaru  Jalk 
Integer Ring  Whattic 
Stud  Wilkommen 
Vim!  1994 Gold (via Ratners) 
Anders Svensson  Present 
Vizion  Autumnstillness Deadwinter 
Esem  Thinmute 
Sleepy Town Manufacture  K.A.B.Y.N. 
IJO  Xiopsi 
Crashed By Car  Full Speed Dead 
Pretty Boy Crossover  Autumn Week 
Aisth  Pearls (Silent Queen) 
Crashed By Car  Dollars In Our Jeans 


My second playlist of excellent free Netlabel MP3s. Delicious and delicate Glitchtronics from realaudio.ch, igloomag.com, acediamusic.org, monotonik.com, sutemos.net and enoughrecords.com. The Aisth track is probably the most beautiful track I've heard in a while....