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the slow one: my cause is noble and just

Artist Song
johnny cash  i see a darkness 
billy bragg and wilco  ingrid bergman 
damien jurado  tether 
songs: ohia  redhead 
the mountain goats  game shows touch our lives 
iron and wine  sunset soon forgotten 
owen  good deeds 
hawksley workman  safe and sound 
the reindeer section  if there is i haven't found it yet 
modest mouse  lives 
sufjan stevens  kill 
hayden  i should've been watching you 
spoon  the agony of laffitte 
two minute miracles  low man on the lyric pole 
the microphones  i felt your shape 
ryan adams  when the stars go blue 
thingy  rope swing 
elliott smith  i better be quiet now 
joanna newsom  swansea 
karate  remain relaxed 
the secret stars  the four senses 
mirah  special death 
damien jurado  medication 
joan of arc  my cause is noble and just 


we're going. we're going. we're going on a trip.
plane train taxicab, all the choices hit.
we will have lots of lovely music to carry with us:
amber's gaspe mix
mandy's first gaspe mix
mandy's second gaspe mix


Instru Mental
Date: 7/27/2004
No complaints here.