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Autumn's Child

Side A
Artist Song
Death Cab for Cutie  Blacking Out the Friction 
Son, Ambulance  The Invention of Beauty 
Shannon Wright  Rich Hum of Air 
The Velvet Underground  Crimson and Clover 
The White Stripes  In the Cold, Cold Night 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Two Headed Boy 
Neutral Milk Hotel  The Fool 
Morrissey  Seasick Yet Still Docked 
Blonde Redhead  Loved Despite of Great Faults 
Cat Power  Maybe Not 
Elliott Smith  The Biggest Lie 
The Moldy Peaches  Goodbye Song 
Side B
Kings of Convenience  Winning a Battle, Losing a War 
Bright Eyes  Method Acting 
Vive la FOte  As-tu DTja AimT? 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Maps 
Regina Spektor  The Flowers 
Sigur R=s  track one 
Devendra Banhart  Autumn's Child 
The Secret Machines  The Leaves are Gone 
The Anniversary  The Ghost of the River 
My Morning Jacket  I Will Be There When You Die 


This started off as a fall themed mix tape. It still is, but only vaguely. I'm not sure quite what it has evolved into.
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