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Evansville to Dallas, and Nothing in Between

Artist Song
C.J. Boyd  We Hyperboreans 
Fountains of Wayne  Please Don't Rock Me Tonight 
Duraluxe  All Together Now 
The Animals  House of the Rising Sun 
Mustard Plug  The Freshman (cover) 
Matchbox Twenty  Kody 
Alkaline Trio  Clavicle 
Death Cab for Cutie  Passenger Seat 
Mock Orange  Does It Show 
The Emily Shrine  The Grey Coast 
Gin Blossoms  I Can't Figure You Out 
Matchbox Twenty  Suffer Me 
Ben Folds Five  The Last Polka 
Robert Nanna  I Want You 
Jets to Brazil  Cat Heaven 
The Petit Project  Simple Song, Simple Plan 
phiL  Stupid Games 
Velvet Underground  I Found a Reason 
The Sungazers  Days Like These 
The White Stripes  You're Pretty Good Lookin' 
Eggs and Sausage  Tom Waits 


this mix is about my move from evansville, indiana to dallas, texas. it's quite a change. i love it here, but i still don't know anyone. all of these songs have provided reminders for some of the things i left behind when i came to the "big city." a lot of the artists are local to the evansville area, and considering i did leave the local scene behind, i found it appropriate to add them in. i hope you like it! or, at least, i hope you don't hate it...