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CD | Theme - Narrative
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Lumos/Nox: The Potter Megamix

Artist Song
Van Morrisson  Moondance 
Warren Zevon  Werewolves of London 
Don Mclean  Empty Chairs 
Paris Combo  Dans Les Bras d'un Lupe 
Evanescense  Taking Over Me 
Josh Groban  You're Still You 
Switchblade Kittens  Ode to Harry Potter 
Pearl Jam  Release 
3 Doors Down  When I'm Gone 
David Bowie  Letter to Hermione 
The Police  Every Little Thing She Does is Magic 
The Beatles  She Loves You 
Bill Withers  Ain't No Sunshine 
Alice in Chains  Would 
Depeche Mode  Dream On 
d12  My Band 
Alanis Morisette  Narcissus 


This was conceived as part of a "Potter Fun Pack" that I made for a friend. The songs all relate to particular characters and or pairings throughout the series. For the muggles out there, Tracks 1-3 are Remus/Sirius, Tracks 4&5 Sirius, Tracks 6&7 Harry/Ginny, Tracks 8-10 Harry, Tracks 11-13 Ron/Hermione and finally... Track 14 Wormtail, Track 15 Voldemort, Track 16 Viktor Krum and Track 17 Draco.


Date: 7/31/2004
excellent choices, AWESOME theme!