wanna dance wanna drink til you can't stand up come on baby i can tell that yr not that tough

Artist Song
ex models  girlfriend is worse 
xiu xiu  i luv the valley, OH! 
q and not u  nine things everybody knows 
murder city devils  boom swagger boom 
the magnetic fields  how fucking romantic 
the gossip  jailbreak 
the faint  agenda suicide 
belle and sebastian  get me away from here i'm dying 
pj harvey  rid of me 
the capricorns  the new sound 
the rapture  out of the races and onto the tracks 
sonic youth  youth against fascism 
the unicorns  jellybones 
the dresden dolls  girl anarchronism 
chicks on speed  eurotrash girl 
tora! tora! torrance!  my turn in the hot seat 
blonde redhead  violent life 
cadallaca  the trouble with public places 


made for a long-distance friend who ended up in town.


Date: 7/31/2004
Nice mix. I bet your friend loved it.