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The n5MD Fanatic's Mix

Artist Song
spark  eopi 
portland  ellis jones (the light under your bed mix) 
damiak  interlomas 
similar  cit 
vcam  tack, shudder, and pull 
tim koch  opfunk 
rivel  isine 
keef baker  worm pain 
sohcahtoa  magrethea 
vesna  rack mode 
proem  we are going to let you go 
ml  drg/n/drp 
jvox  cadona 
spark  untitled 
quench  nightshelf 


n5MD is hands-down my fave label out there. They were one of (but not only) the last MiniDisc purists until Sony decided pre-recorded MDs weren't relevant (little did they realize). Seems a bit ironic I would make this mix on a CD, yeah? n5 recently jumped on the download bandwagon (including a free album for a limited time) and I decided to make me own lowly mix....